Student Leadership & Public Speaking

Student Voice (SV) 

At the start of the year, each homegroup may send one person to the Student Representative Council (SRC). From the SRC, five students are selected to form the Executive Committee, which runs as a homegroup. SV Members, whether in the Executive or SRC, have the opportunity to be involved in representing the College, organising activities, and helping the school improve its’ services. The SV’s goal is to represent the concerns of the student body, make LC a better place to study, and engage the LC community. Membership is on a voluntary basis and joining the SV is a fantastic way to meet people and make connections within the College.  

Compared to high school student councils, you have much more influence at LC. The SV has organised discussions with the Council regarding student parking, pressured the Department regarding student concerns, and constantly talks with senior staff about how the College can improve. The SV still organises events, such as World’s Greatest Shave, Pyjama Day, and the Students v Teacher Debate, but is so much more than just a student council. 


Debating and Public Speaking

Launceston College has an excellent public speaking program, and has won the Parliamentary Shield and Rostrum Voice of Youth competitions, performing better than even the most prestigious private schools. 

Debating is a great way to learn how to win arguments, while still sounding posh and proper. Whether students have no experience, or have debated since grade 7, all are welcoming to join! The roster runs during Terms 1 and 2, with weekly impromptu debates against schools across the North and North-West.  

Additionally, students have the opportunity to represent Launceston College in a wide variety of national and local public speaking competitions including Lions Youth of the Year, Youth Parliament, and Rostrum Voice of Youth. 


Amnesty International Group

The LC Amnesty International group focuses on campaigning for and improving human rights. It is a chance for students to come along and share their concerns and learn from others about local, national, and global issues. Students decide on what campaigns they want to become actively involved in, and guests, including local politicians and community groups, are often invited. The only requirement is a curiosity about the world in which we all live. All students and staff are welcome. 


Everyone is welcome to join us.