SRC and Student Leadership

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Students have the opportunity to be involved in representing the College by organising activities and events that encourage other students to participate fully in College life. Membership is on a voluntary basis and joining the SRC is a fantastic way to meet people, and make connections within the College. As a team member students plan and host events, and enhance their leadership skills.

The SRC organises a variety of activities and college events, with the focus on fun draising. Such events include:The World’s Greatest Shave, Bullying Awareness, Mental Health and Wellbeing and Trivia Night to raise funds for College projects. Students also represent the College at various community functions such as the Anzac Day Parade and Service.

At the beginning of the College year, students will be asked to volunteer to become part of the Leadership Group.The group will then arrange meeting times and determine the program for the year. Students can choose how they participate, either being involved in every meeting and event or choosing to become pinvolved in events that interest them.


Debating and Public Speaking


College debating is a fun and rewarding extra- curricular activity that runs during the first term of each school year.

Students will join a team based on their previous debating experience (from no previous experience through to those who have debated throughout high school) and will participate in weekly impromptu debates against debating teams from other public and private schools in the north and north-west.

Students will further their communication and thinking skills as they apply knowledge while under pressure and learn to work successfully in a team environment.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to represent Launceston College in a wide variety of public speaking competitions including Lions Youth of the Year Award,Youth Parliament, Rostrum ‘Voice of Youth’ competition and many others.

Amnesty International Group

The Amnesty International group at LC focuses on informing students about human rights issues around the world. It is a chance for students to come along and share their concerns and learn from others about human rights abuses that are happening locally, nationally and internationally. There are often guest speakers on pertinent issues that students express interest in.The group functions largely as a discussion group. It is student led in that it is the students who decide on what campaigns they want to become actively involved in. The only requirement is a curiosity about the world in which we all live. All students and staff are welcome.

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Clean and Green Committee

This is a group for those dedicated to establishing and maintaining sustainable practices in the College. Last year we were successful in our bid to have recycling bins in high traffic areas and this year’s major project is an integrated system for recycling photocopy paper into compost material, now underway at the top of B block. Recycled shredded paper will soon be on sale to staff for their own compost, chook pens, rabbit hutches, etc. Students in the Clean and Green Committee are rostered to collect the paper from photocopy rooms and staffrooms around the college. Other projects scheduled for this year include the cultivation of herbs for hospitality at college, the recycling of printer cartridges and paper.

Everyone is welcome to join us.