Enrolment Information

Launceston College teachers may have already visited your high school and had meetings with your teachers about what the transition program will look like for your school. Below is some general information about how Year 10 transition normally occurs, however it may be slightly different for your school.

Early on in our Year 10 transition program, in-school sessions will help inform you about the facilities and courses at the LC.

O-Day is then held later in the year, which is an important step towards making a choice of where you might go for Year 11 or 12, and our annual Parent Information Evening is also a critical part of helping to make these decisions. We will provide information about these event through our app and social media channels.

We are very aware that making choices is not easy and we are here to help you. Towards the end of the year, a team of enrolment counsellors will come to your school to discuss your options in more detail before you make your final selections for next year. Parents are always encouraged to attend – in fact, we would love to see them!

After enrolment, you will be sent an enrolment confirmation form that will detail your course. Naturally, there will be some students who will still decide that they want to make changes. We will provide times for this to occur before the end of the college year and at the commencement of the new year.

For students coming to LC from a non-government or mainland school, we host tours on demand throughout the year, with enrolment team members available in Term 3 and 4 to begin the formalities of subject choices and counselling based on pathways.

Please contact our AP or AST in charge of enrolment/transition if you would like more information or to organise a tour.

Simply call our office on 6332 7777 and our admin team will put you in touch with the right person! You can also email us:
Launceston College - Student Administration

The Department of Education also has information available for people interested in finding out more about their Year 11 and 12 options – you can find
this here:

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