Learning Area and Course Information Videos

These videos are intended for students and parents who are considering different courses of study in Year 11 and 12. 

These have been developed in collaboration with Newstead College and local schools offering Year 11-12 programs as part of the expanding work of the Northern Urban Collective.

Each video provides an overview of a Year 11-12 Learning Area, as well as the variety of courses and levels of complexity within each course.

Along with our Orientation booklet and Course Guide document, we hope that you find these videos to be a meaningful resource, whether you are a high school student, parent or a Year 10 teacher.

Regardless of whether you are intending to enrol at a college or stay in an extension school, we hope you find these resources useful in the decision making process for your future pathway.  

* These videos were recorded before several changes to Tasmanian Years 11-12 courses in 2022/2023. Some courses may be mentioned that no longer exist, and some new courses are not referenced. Please use these alongside current course guide for the best information, or speak with an LC enrolment counsellor.

Behavioural Studies Learning Area

Business Learning Area

English Learning Area

Health and Physical Education Learning Area

Humanities: History Learning Area

Languages Learning Area

Mathematics Learning Area

Mixed Field Learning Area

Performing Arts: Dance and Drama Learning Area

Performing Arts: Music and Media Learning Area

Science Learning Area

Technology: Computing Learning Area

Technology: Design & Trades Learning Area

Technology: Foods Learning Area

Visual Art Learning Area

Vocational Education & Training (VET)