Sport and Fitness at LC

Launceston College has a proud involvement in a number of sporting teams. We encourage students to participate in a variety of activities and offer opportunities to represent the College throughout the year. Sports teams include: Mountain Biking, Rowing, Futsal, Netball, AFL, AFLW, Basketball, Orienteering, Athletics, 5km and 10km local running events, Surfing,Triathlon and Cross-Country. Many students also pursue additional sports at varying levels and can choose to be further supported through enrolling in Athlete Development as a subject in both years of their time at College.

Sporting Academies

Sporting Academies at Launceston College provide students with high performance programs across a number of sports as an extension opportunity for students displaying a high level of skill and talent in their chosen area. Our academies offer skill development through strength and conditioning, testing, workshops with specialist/expert coaches, athlete counselling and more. Students have the opportunity to compete on both a state and national level in their chosen area, representing our College. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are committed to providing high quality learning experiences and assist in making connections with our local community sporting organisations. For example, the Tamar and North Esk Rowing Clubs provide expert coaches to develop athletes in our Rowing Academy. Our key Academies include: Mountain Biking, Rowing, Cricket and Australian Rules Football.

Throughout the year, we have invite students from local schools to participate in our Sporting Academies through a series of skills sessions.