International Students

Launceston College highly values its International Student Program and is committed to ensuring students who come from overseas to study, gain the highest possible outcomes.

Launceston College is the largest college in the state and is therefore able to offer a wide range of subjects and courses to students in a safe and supportive environment.

Our commitment to student outcomes is evident by International Students being awarded Dux (our top student award) and many others achieving ATARs in excess of 90 points.

It has also resulted in International Students gaining full scholarships at Australia’s most prestigious university – the Australian National University, in Canberra.

Launceston College acts on behalf of International Students’ parents, reflecting parental expectations that students will apply themselves to their study and also study courses that meet the requirements of their future aspirations.

Launceston College has an extensive tutorial program that is designed to deliver extra learning support for students. International Students are automatically enrolled in this program to enhance outcomes and to support students who require extra assistance. International Students also benefit from extra classes organised to meet specific student aspirations and needs.

We also ensure learning of the English language is enhanced by International Students interacting with Australian students as much as possible, as well as enrolment into our EAL Program.

Meetings with the International Student Counsellor reviews both student academic progress as well as accommodation and social needs. Furthermore, our Careers Centre is constantly available for support in selecting courses and in determining university pathways.

Our goal is to ensure that the expectation the student’s family has for their child, is met at the highest level.

Launceston College has welcomed students from:

Hong Kong

United States
South Korea

International Students bring diversity and richness to our college and we welcome them into our College community.