Learning Support

Launceston College is an inclusive campus where support is provided to all students to reach their educational potential. Learning Support is situated in F 418, and has a spacious and comfortable teaching classroom and an attached kitchen enabling some practical maths lessons as well as Food and Cooking Essentials. There is also a relaxing area for students with a microwave, toaster and kettle.There is plenty of reading material and games to enjoy.Timetabled programs/subjects have included:

Literacy and/or numeracy skills: (Level 1)

  • Everyday Mathematics
  • Practical English

Living skills and preparation for work: (Level 1)

  • Pathways to Work
  • Food and Cooking Essentials

Preliminary level courses:

  • Preliminary Access to Work
  • Preliminary English
  • Preliminary Maths

Support in subject area classes is also available for students with particular learning needs.

Learning Support also offers technology supports such as:

  • Smart Pens
  • Reading Pens
  • Laptops with Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Mobile software such as “Read and Write” and the Clicker “Read and Write About” series to enhance students’ writing skills
  • Mindplay, an online individualized literacy program (Available to 10 students willing to consistently put in the essential effort to make maximum gains).

Students with disabilities and students with specific learning difficulties are well catered for and valued at Launceston College.

Can I get extra help if I have dyslexia or other recognized learning difficulties?

Tutorial attendance is one of Launceston College’s study support elements that our students identify as contributing to their high academic success.

Launceston College teachers are committed to facilitating high level goals for students across all subjects and levels. Students may gain extra help in Learning Support to further develop reading, writing, spelling, essay writing, arithmetic and other basic maths skills.

Learning Support also offers students invaluable assistance through the support of a Teacher Assistant who is available in several classes across the College.