College Association

An Association is made up of the parents, staff and community members of a school. An Association exists for each Tasmanian Government School, including primary schools, high schools, district schools and colleges. The purpose of an Association is to provide members with a way to participate and be involved in supporting the school. It is not a business and there are restrictions on some of the activities the Association can conduct.

The Association for each school has been established under the Education Act 2016 (Tas). The Association Constitution, Secretary Instruction No 7 for School Associations and Ministerial Instruction No 12 for School Associations provide direction on the operation of the Association and good governance.

The Association is an important part of the school, working with the Principal to achieve shared outcomes for children attending the school and for the benefit of the whole school. Membership of the Association provides a forum for the sharing of knowledge and skills in collaboration. Parent and community engagement in school is important, as it:

  • creates a collaborative culture within the school
  • uses existing community strengths to benefit all learners
  • creates collaborative teamwork between staff, parents and the community
  • role models good citizenship to learners
  • inspires and helps learners to succeed
  • helps create better understanding between the local community and school
  • facilitates a good understanding of the value and benefits of education
  • provides adult learning opportunities
  • supports opportunities for creative thinking
  • creates community support.

If you would like to know more about our College Association, or express an interest in becoming a part of the group, please contact Principal Vicki Mackrill or the current Association Chair, Mrs Kirsty Crawford.

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