In 2020-21, the LC leadership team began a process to consult broadly with students, families and our staff to co-construct our Strategic Intent Statement - a document that goes hand-in-hand with our School Improvement Plan (SIP) to frame our college culture.

This important document outlines our purpose, alignment, values and drivers, and drills down into three key areas of our culture:

1. Student and staff wellbeing

2. Access, participation and engagement

3. Excellent academic achievemet

Our goals across these areas are to:

A. To develop and maintain a culture of respect, care and positivity to enable students and staff to flourish and grow.

B. To have collective responsibility for student access, participation and engagement.

C. To ensure the provision of effective teaching and learning practices across all learning areas. 

We encourage you to read the full document attached below to build an understanding of our collective actions and responsibilites as students, parents, teachers and leaders here at Launceston College.