ICT and ICT Support

Launceston College has a vast number of computers across the campus ranging from laptops to desktop computer labs. There are a large number of computers for students to access in their study lines/lunch times in the college library. Technology forms an integral part of learning across the college.

ICT Support Team

Launceston College has an IT support team who are located in the eastern end of the English department in C block Level 2. Support provided to students include wireless connectivity support for personal devices, network password/account support and troubleshooting access to college resources.

Wireless for personal devices (BYOD)

All students at Launceston College have access to the internet on their own device via wireless. Details on how to connect to the wireless are available on the LC internal portal pages and is sent to all students at the beginning of the year. This wireless will operate on the majority of devices with a modern operating system.

Office 365

The Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications - such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint - is available to all students at Launceston College for installation on personal devices. This includes access to online cloud storage (one drive) and many other online applications.

ClickView Library

The College has a Vast ClickView video library available to all students at home and at college. This features a large array of learning videos. Students and teachers use these regularly to enhance learning programs and stimulate

Specialised software

The College has a large amount of specialised software available on devices in various learning areas. This includes Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software in Art, Media & STEAM learning areas.


Students have access to printing facilities in most major areas of the college. Each student receives an initial printing credit and this can be extended by purchasing more funds from the college main office.


Students each have storage for files on Launceston College servers, and each student also has access to a very large one drive for cloud storage of files that can be transferred to and from home.


Each student will have an email address they can use for college communications and for communication to and from their teachers.

Virtual Learning Environment

The College uses the CANVAS Virtual Learning Environment to help deliver many of our learning programs. This is accessible at college and from home as well as on mobile devices.

High Speed internet

High speed internet is available across the college campus and available on student personal devices.

More information

For more information, see this link to our student portal for how to guides relating to Canvas, LC WiFi and Office 365 and OneDrive.

Student ICT support and resources