Our LC teaching team are some of the most dedicated and committed educators to be found anywhere!  

Regular student feedback consistently tells us that the vast majority of our students love the fact that LC teachers really know the course content that they are teaching and recognise that they are experts in their teaching area. Students also tell us that they think our staff have high expectations and consistently treat students respectfully and supportively.

The staff listed below are the key contacts on a whole of college level, however we recommend making sure that you also know the contact email for Home Group teachers and subject teachers to make communication easier.

While our staff use tools such as Canvas for online learning, email is often still the best way to make contact.

Vicki Mackrill 
Assistant Principal
Jacquie Everson 
Assistant Principal
Ged Egan 
Assistant Principal
Amanda Wenn 
Assistant Principal
Stuart Austin 
High School Liaison
Elizabeth Bennett 

Social Worker                             Monica Foley 

School Psychologist                   Annie Fitzgerald  International Students
Contact Angela Hudson 
Careers Team 
Australian School Based Apprenticeships
Stuart Austin 
VET Contact
Andrea Brooke 
LC Administration
03 6332 7777