Attendance & Pastoral Care


Attending all your classes is essential to achieving success in your studies, therefore we take absences very seriously. Attendance is recorded in each class and recorded in our computer system.

Your Home Group teacher and subject teachers will monitor your attendance and will contact parents if your attendance pattern is not satisfactory.


LC runs a 6 line timetable. Most students take 4 or 5 subjects, then have study lines on the other 1 or 2 lines during the day.

During study lines, you may choose to study in the library, attend tutorials, prepare assignments, access computers and other resources or use our recreational facilities.

SMS Text Messaging System

Parents are encouraged to text message the College on the day of your absence to explain the reason for this.
If your absences have not been explained, an SMS text message will be sent to your parent’s mobile phone number that evening.The number to text message when you are going to be absent from school, is:

0427 016 499